Tippers Club Business Networking Long Beach

Every Friday from 7:00am - 8:30am

The Grand on Willow


Every Friday from 7:00am - 8:30am

The Grand on Willow


The History of Tippers

The Tippers Club was founded in August of 1980 by entrepreneur and community leader Ernie Davis, owner of PIPS Personnel Services. Co-founders were Mike Elmore, Stan Morgan and Valerie Kelly.


The first meeting was held at the Holiday Inn Coffee Shop on Lakewood Blvd. The club grew to approximately 15 members in the first year. Over the years, the club has moved the meetings to various locations (Denny’s, Skylinks Golf Course, Mr. Robert’s, Kimber’s, Acapulco, and settled in at The Grand in 1998 where we still meet. The club reached a high of 100 members in the early '90's and currently boasts 80+.


Sometime in the early years of the club, Tippers recognized a need for a choir. After an exhaustive search, long time member John Morrison was appointed as Tippers Choir Director. The choir provides monthly performances, often stunning guests.


During the mid-80’s, Tippers competed in the “Mr. Special Olympics Comedy Pageant”.  In 1984, Kent Harris won “Mr. SOB”; in 1985, Mike Elmore should have won but narrowly lost when politics took over; and in 1986, Rocky Suares --- well, he put in a good effort.


The Tippers Club competed in the Sand Sculpture Contest sponsored by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, taking 3rd place in 1982, 1st place in 1983 and 2nd place in 1989.


Through the years Tippers, an independent organization, has been and still is Long Beach's most vibrant, and fun, networking club.  Check out the "Photo Albums" page for a glimpse of Tippers, past and present.  There is only one Tippers!


On June 9, 2007, the club was saddened by the passing of its founder, Ernie Davis.  Even though he had left the club and moved out of the area, he continued to drop in on meetings, show up for picnics to win all the prizes and dazzled Tippers at the holiday parties in his tuxedo and top hat.  Thus, he continued to be an enthusiastic father figure to the club.  Based on Ernie's early guidance and lasting example, the Club continues to thrive, having celebrated its 35th Anniversary in August of 2015.


The club now presents an “Ernie” award at the annual holiday party to the Tipper who most embodies the spirit of Tippers as Ernie envisioned it…and as it has continued to grow. And since no ordinary trophy would do, Ernie’s infamous top hat became the award and is presented to that year's honoree to wear for the evening and at the following year's Holiday Party.


Ernie’s wife, Phyllis Davis, is a Lifetime Member and continues to be a valued part of our club.


"Gimme me a T!!"

Ernie Award Honorees


Tim Lashlee





John Morrison





Alyson Emery Zahn





Roger Kroll





Hilda Sanchez





Wendy O'Neil





Bill Miller





Sue Deno










William "Bill" Wade





Bill Cheney





Lupe Orozco




Tippers' Past Presidents

1980-81  Ernie Davis ***

1982  Mike Elmore

1983  Jeff Baraud

1984  Andy Romero

1985  Patty Coleman

1986  Eric Knaus

1987  Les Johnson

1988  Rocky Suares

1989  Bob Freelander

1990  Ted Lyman

1991  Patty Dill

1992  Ernie Davis ***

1993  John Morrison *

1994  Stu Hubbard

1995  Bruce Wallerstein, Ph.D.

1996  John Zahn

1997  Deana O’Connell **

1998  Richard E. Fagan, CPA *

1999  William Wade *

2000  Roger Kroll *

2001  Bill Miller *

2002  Tim Lashlee *

2003  Bill Cheney *

2004  Albert Parks *

2005  Hilda Sanchez *

2006  Kathryn Wade *

2007  Kay Cofield *

2008  Jim Bockholt *

2009  Tom Seche

2010  Claire Miller 2

2011  Karen Widerynski *

2012  David Reed *

2013  Alyson Emery-Zahn  *

2014  Nate Trimmer *

2015  Ken Brown *

2016  Richard Gibson *

2017  Overton Wilkins

***  Founder and Member Emertius

**   Lifetime Memeber

*    Active Member

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